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A Guide to Indigenous DC

by Melody Schreiber February 6, 2020

On a recent fall day, I took my toddler to a cemetery. It wasn’t just any graveyard; it was the Congressional Cemetery, home to the final resting places of political envoys through the centuries. It was my recent discovery of the app, Guide to Indigenous DC, that led me here to see the Lummi Nation totem poles, a memorial to all of those who lost their lives in the September 11,…

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Carlyle House Historic Park: How a Mansion Made of Stone Withstood the Test of Time

by ShanteƩ Felix August 6, 2018

John Carlyle would’ve built a smaller house if he’d known how much trouble his Virginia mansion would be.

This is according to a letter the British man wrote to his brother in the 1700s. Of course, the property was even more trouble to the nine slaves who had to maintain the estate, which was massive for the time period. The Carlyle mansion was four stories at a time when any residence taller than two…

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A Tour of Manassas: An Unflinching Glimpse of Civil War History

by Melody Schreiber July 19, 2018

The year is 1861. After the election of Abraham Lincoln, thirteen southern states seceded to form their own nation. On July 21, both sides met in the first battle of the war – dubbed the Battle of Manassas or Bull Run, depending upon which side you were on.

The field where the two sides clashed was chaotic and bloody. Cannons were fired, booming and smoking; the hills hid charging troops and wounded…

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The National Museum of the Marine Corps, a Must-do Experience

by Debbie Brown Driscoll June 27, 2018

Located in Triangle, Virginia, adjacent to Marine Corps Base Quantico, the National Museum of the Marine Corps is right off of Interstate 95 – just 36 miles south of Washington, D.C. and 76 miles north of Richmond.

It’s early morning on Memorial Day, so the traffic on I-95 is comparatively light. We think this is a perfect day to learn more about this storied branch of the military and pay our respects to the…

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Watermen in the Middle Bay (Driving Tour)

by Kate Marks Hardy October 3, 2017

Most Chesapeake Bay watermen work year-round, modifying their equipment to follow the seasons. In summer they may set hundreds of crab pots, every day checking, baiting and resetting them. In winter, they’ll install patent tongs for oystering. In fall and spring they may go after eels or finfish.

Perhaps no image of the Chesapeake Bay is more enduring than that of a waterman heading into the sunrise, the sharp bow of his…

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Watermen in the Southern Bay (Driving Tour)

by Kate Marks Hardy August 14, 2017

Watermen make their living harvesting the Bay’s finfish, shellfish, eels and crabs. Independent and self-employed, they own their boats and choose their catch. It’s a tough, physically demanding way of life, and it’s been going on for hundreds of years.

Their profession is as diverse as the Bay’s species. There are pound netters, crabbers (soft-shells and hard-shells, employing completely different techniques and gear), oyster dredgers, hand-tongers, gill-netters, clammers. Over generations, they have developed boat…

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