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September 13, 2021

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Mid-Week Meanders on the C&O Canal

Join the Audubon Naturalist Society of Northern Virginia for one or more of their leisurely autumn walks along portions of the C&O Canal which see less foot and bicycle traffic during the week than on weekends. The focus of the walks will be the natural…

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Foraging and Fossiling in Nanjemoy Wildlife Management Area

by Saki September 22, 2021

The forecast did not call for rain, but my friends and I arrived at the Nanjemoy Wildlife Management Area (WMA) parking lot in a downpour.  Hoping it would pass, we walked about a mile along a scenic, wide trail through the woods to the beach and commenced looking for shark teeth.  Almost immediately, I spotted one that I showed my group so they’d know what to look for, and soon everyone was finding…

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Exploring the Nanticoke from Vienna to Seaford

by John Page Williams September 13, 2021

Nanta-What? NantiCOKE? Oh, yeah, I think that’s the name of that river we cross on the high bridge halfway between Cambridge and Salisbury.  Never took much notice of it.  Why should we?

Rivers mark time in millennia.  At that scale, the Nanticoke has held to its current course for roughly three of them.  In that time, how many bald eagles and ospreys has it seen?  How many Atlantic sturgeon have made spawning runs up its mainstem and its…

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A Day at Picturesque, Historic Betterton Beach

by Julie Dieguez September 5, 2021

As warm weekends beckon vacation-seeking Marylanders to the sun, sand and waves of Ocean City and surrounding beaches, summer rolls on…but traffic often does not.  Particularly in recent years, most of us have become painfully familiar with the frustration of stop-and-go travel to the Bay Bridge as throngs of vacationers crawl slowly toward their ocean destination. Once over the bridge itself, drivers steel themselves for at least another two hours of travel…

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Hiking with Young Kids

by Kenny Fletcher August 29, 2021

Last spring my wife and I set off to climb a mountain with our toddler daughter and preschool-aged son. While we’d done plenty of level strolls, this would be our toughest hike as a family so far. It’s a steep, one-mile climb to Humpback Rocks along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, with an elevation gain of about 700 feet.

The path started out relatively gentle. Our son strolled along while our daughter…

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Paddleboarding Through Nature in the Baltimore Area

August 18, 2021

After writing Paddleboarding Through Nature Around Washington, D.C., I felt it would be good to follow up with an article about stand up paddleboard (SUP) trips within 20 miles of Baltimore that afford easy escapes into nature.  Like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland is a densely populated urban area, which in 2020 was home to 585,708 people, making it by far the biggest city in Maryland.  With a rich history in manufacturing,…

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