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October 19, 2020

A Note About Our Virtual Trips & Tips

We know there is a lot of uncertainty and upheaval in our world right now. We also know how much the parks in the Chesapeake Bay watershed mean to you and how they can be a place of discovery and comfort and hope for us all. We hope that our updated virtual Trips & Tips newsletters will help bring the parks to you while we all do our part to keep ourselves, our families, and communities healthy and…

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Chesapeake Insider

Tig Tillinghast

by Jody Couser October 22, 2020

Jody Couser, senior vice president of communications at Chesapeake Conservancy, recently caught up with Tig Tillinghast, a Vermont resident whose in-laws live on the Rappahannock River by Fones Cliffs in Virginia. Tig put a previously broken DSLR camera into duty on their property for a new exciting purpose. He hooked up an external battery and a device that automated the camera to take a picture every few seconds. As a…

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Ten Tips for Camping With Young Children

by Kenny Fletcher October 19, 2020

Taking our three-year-old son and baby daughter camping has led to eye opening moments – seeing sparkling stars unencumbered by city lights, tracking a snail along the forest floor, telling stories around a campfire, waking up to birdsong, and noticing the different shapes of sassafras leaves. There’s no doubt these times have brought us closer together.

But camping with our young children has also led to sleepless nights, crankiness, and the occasional tantrum.…

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Suggested Trip

Paddling Back in Time on the Bohemia River

by Julie Dieguez October 15, 2020

When I first came across notice of a paddle on the Bohemia River, the name immediately evoked colorful images of free-spirited artists and vibrant wall tapestries. The Bohemia River’s unique name was actually coined by renowned explorer, mapmaker, and local historical legend Augustine Herman, after his beloved eastern European homeland country of Bohemia (now the Czech Republic).  Located in Cecil County, Maryland, the area not only offers a wealth of intertwined…

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Suggested Trip

Creatures of the Bog

by Virgil Chambers October 8, 2020

Black Moshannon State Park rests high in the mountains of the Allegheny Forest and, because of its unique location in a basin, stays cooler in the summer and colder in the winter than the surrounding wooded area. Pretty much located smack-dap in the center of Pennsylvania, it is a site of exceptional and picturesque bogs, swamps, and marshes.  I always visualize a bog as a place of fog, dark water swamps, and…

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Suggested Trip

Hidden Beauty at Soldiers Delight

by Saki October 5, 2020

When I first visited the 1,900-acre Soldiers Delight Natural Environmental Area, I determined that it was nothing to write home about.  Devoid of the lush greenery I reveled in exploring throughout the mid-Atlantic region, Soldiers Delight reminded me more of the landscape where I grew up – central California,  with its hard, rocky terrain and open fields of dry grass.  In the midst of the pandemic, as we’ve all become more observant of the world…

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