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That's a Wrap: Chesapeake Roving Ranger Season Comes to a Close!

As of December 1, the 2018 Chesapeake Roving Ranger tour of the watershed has come to a close. Sporting a new look, the Ranger hit the road in June, visiting parks, events, festivals, and participating education programs. 

This year we kicked off the season by introducing Michael and Stephanie as partnership staff to represent the Chesapeake Conservancy and National Park Service and to crew the Ranger. We welcomed nearly 3,500 visitors to our mobile visitor information center. The Ranger made appearances at 26 locations, featured at various festivals, and participated in dozens of education programs. In all, the ranger traveled 3,162 miles, that's the equivalent of driving the length of the Chesapeake Bay 16 times! Some highlights include Waterman's Appreciation Day, The National Folk Festival, Maryland Fleet Week and Airshow Baltimore, and Sultana's Downrigging Weekend.

So lends the question what is next for the Chesapeake Roving Ranger? Planning, lots of planning. As soon as one season of visiting parks and festivals ends, prepping the Ranger for another season begins. What can you look forward to next season? Perhaps a visit to a park near you as well as new education programs and more watershed related junior ranger programs including one specifically about the Chesapeake Bay! 

Happy Trails,

FYC Team


See below to learn more about some of the places the Ranger visited this year!

Patrick Smith

Patrick is the Communications and Partnership Assistant working with both the Chesapeake Conservancy and the National Park Service Chesapeake Bay Office. Previously, Patrick worked for Pride of Baltimore II and Schooner Woodwind. He is a graduate of Saint Michael’s College and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History.

December 4, 2018

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