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Star-Spangled Exhibits and Programs



Special bicentennial programs and exhibits are taking place daily throughout the Chesapeake region this summer.  Check out what is happening in your neighborhood!

To see the full list of bicentennial events, visit the Trail's events calendar


Defense of the Nation: Maryland in the War of 1812
1812 Exhibit at the Baltimore Visitor Center (Baltimore, MD)
This traveling exhibition offers the opportunity to experience the crucial Chesapeake Campaign of the War of 1812. Though some call the War of 1812 “America’s Forgotten War,” this exhibition shows why the events that took place 200 years ago continue to inspire and enlighten Americans. 

“The Enemy Nearly All ‘Round Us”
Special 1812 exhibit at Belair Mansion (Bowie, MD)
This exhibit features Annapolis and the surrounding area during the War of 1812, including the Ogle Family from Belair. Presented with support from the MD State House.

Family of Flagmakers: The Women Who Created the Star-Spangled Banner
A New Exhibit at the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House (Baltimore, MD) 
This exhibit focuses on the life of Mary Pickersgill, maker of the Star-Spangled Banner Flag; her family; her household; and her neighborhood. “Family of Flagmakers” includes several interactive areas including a station where you can measure yourself against the two-foot stars, touch reproduction fabric, and attempt to hoist the flag’s weight.

Farmers, Patriots, and Traitors: Southern Maryland and the War of 1812
War of 1812 exhibit at Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum (St. Leonard, MD)
Imagine foreign troops have invaded your community. Some say that these troops have no business being here, but others are helping them by serving as spies or navigators—whether because they believe in their cause or because they are afraid, it is difficult to say. What would you do? Fight them in hopes of keeping your farm and family intact? Join them and pray that you have chosen the winning side?  This exhibit forces visitors to ask themselves these questions, while learning about a conflict that is so important to Maryland’s history.

For Whom It Stands
Temporary Exhibit on the American Flag at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum (Baltimore, MD)  
The Star-Spangled Banner flag was created by Mary Pickersgill and the woman in her household, including an African American indentured servant named Grace Wisher.  Wisher’s story is little known. This exhibition highlights Wisher’s contribution as it investigates the broader history and representation of the United States flag as an icon of our nation and its people.

FORT! FLAG! FIRE! Baltimore's Star-Spangled Summer!
Special Daily Programs at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine (Baltimore, MD)
Fort McHenry Guard's living history group will be "on duty" with special flag talks, cannon firings, fife and drum concerts, and talks on civilian life in 1814 Baltimore.

In Full Glory Reflected: Maryland during the War of 1812
Exhibit at the Maryland Historical Society (Baltimore, MD)
In Full Glory Reflected
is Maryland’s largest display devoted to the War of 1812 and its era. The exhibition fills an entire gallery floor with a fascinating array of artifacts and documents, many donated by the Defenders of Baltimore themselves.

A Very Visionary Star-Spangled Sidewalk
Outdoor Exhibit at the American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore, MD)
An outdoor art celebration depicting our nation’s beloved national anthem in an engaging, family-fun and informative format playfully welcomes both visitor feet and wheelchairs into an up-close and personal viewing experience – 520 linear feet of sidewalk transformed into a visually creative interpretation, line by line, of our national anthem. 



Block Mobile War of 1812 Scavenger Hunt
Discover Alexandria's role in the War of 1812 on this mobile scavenger hunt of Old Town! (Alexandria, VA)
Follow the story as it is retold by the people who lived through those fearful five days in August of 1814, when a British squadron dropped anchor in the bay and directed their cannons toward the town. 

War of 1812 and the Old Presbyterian Meeting House: A Bicentennial Retrospective
Temporary Exhibit prepared by the Old Presbyterian Meeting House (Alexandria, VA)
Founded in 1772, the Old Presbyterian Meeting House is an historic congregation in the heart of Old Town Alexandria. The exhibit is located in Elliot House.  



Homefront 1812: Friends, Family & Foe
Special exhibit at Dumbarton House
This exhibition presents what life on the home front was like during the War of 1812—the suspense, the fear and excitement, the concerns, beliefs and hopes, the highs and lows that the citizens of this country endured for two and a half years of war on their soil.

“The Reward of Patriotism” – Commemorating America’s Heroes of the War of 1812
A Special War of 1812 Exhibit at the Anderson House – The Society of the Cincinnati 
The new exhibit explores some of the War of 1812’s military heroes and how they were commemorated through contemporary portraits, swords, medals, silver, prints, and other artifacts drawn from the Society’s holdings and several private collections.