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The Chesapeake region has a long history filled with wars, battles, duels, and deaths. This colorful past makes for more than a few spooky spots to visit.

Scare up a spine-chilling adventure at places like Sotterley Plantation and Fort McHenry, where visitors have witnessed ghosts, heard eerie voices, and seen apparitions that simply can’t be explained. The stories from these haunted places might get your skin crawling with fear, but they also offer interesting and important lessons from the Chesapeake’s rich history.

  • Two of the Civil War’s deadliest battles took place at Gettysburg and Antietam, and today these battlefields are considered some of the most haunted places in America. Restless ghosts reportedly still roam the fields, and the unearthly sounds of guns, cannons, and moans echo in the distance.
  • Some of the Chesapeake’s charming city neighborhoods are also the spookiest. Ghosts are said to walk the streets of Baltimore’s Fell’s Point Historic District. In Annapolis, shadowy spirits haunt the historic district’s homes, saloons, and even the State House.
  • A few of the Chesapeake’s rivers have a hair-raising history. Near the Wharves at Choptank Crossing sits a spot called “Bachelor’s Point,” which was the site of a great Indian massacre. Along the Anacostia River, so many men fought to their deaths at the “Dueling Grounds” of Bladensburg that nearby Dueling Creek was nicknamed “Blood Run.”
  • The Chesapeake region is home to some famous ghosts, too! Many spirits supposedly roam the grounds of Fort Monroe, including those of Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. And at Monticello, staff say they can still hear Thomas Jefferson whistling as he walks the grounds of his home.
  • Perhaps the most haunted place in Maryland is Point Lookout State Park, where 50,000 Confederate soldiers were imprisoned during the Civil War. Many of them died from disease, exposure, and starvation. The Point Lookout lighthouse was used to interrogate -- and perhaps torture -- soldiers and local southern sympathizers. Visitors have encountered the ghosts of these soldiers and reported frightening voices, noises, and footsteps inside the lighthouse.

Are you ready for a scare? Explore the Chesapeake’s mysterious side at the top places for seeing spooky places.

October 27, 2016

Main image: Battlefields are considered some of the most haunted places in America. Visit a battlefield such as Antietam National Battlefield and Cemetery. (Image courtesy: bbcworldservice / Flickr)
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