Top Places For

Cycling Country Roads


Many of the Chesapeake’s most beautiful places are tucked down country roads, just waiting for you to discover them. And one of the best ways to explore these picturesque places is by bicycle.

On a bike, you can slow down, smell the fresh air, and savor the scenic beauty of the Chesapeake’s fields, marshes, and forests. Take off from a state park like Tuckahoe, Greenwell, or Trap Pond and spend a day exploring our region’s most scenic backroads. Most of these places are perfect for riders of all levels, whether you’re training for a race or simply enjoying a day outside with your friends.

From the flat, swampy lands of the Eastern Shore and Tidewater to the rolling hills of western Maryland and Virginia, you can explore nature and history on one of these cycling tours.

Get ready to hop on your bike and cruise the Chesapeake’s scenic byways at the top places for cycling country roads.

Note: Bicyling on country roads can be hazardous. While there tends to less traffic on country roads, typically there are only two lanes without a bike path and roads can have lots of turns, limiting visibility for drivers. A couple of suggestions: 1.  Always ride with traffic – on the right side. 2.  Use a mirror all the time.   3.  Never ride with ear buds listening to music or anything else - as hearing is a critical safety consideration.