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Amazing Water Views


There’s something serene about the sight of water that puts us all at ease. At these places across the Chesapeake region, the water views are worth the trip.

The Chesapeake’s sparkling waters beckon you at places like Kiptopeke State Park, Piscataway Park, and Fort Monroe, where thousands flock each year to behold the Bay’s beauty. Not to be outdone, the rivers that flow to the Bay -- from Great Falls on the Potomac to Jefferson Patterson Park on the Patuxent -- provide their own stunning water views.

Whether you seek crashing waves or calm wetlands, you can find a water view that will take your breath away.

So grab a park bench, pull up a beach chair, or take a stroll and soak up the scenery at the top places for amazing water views.

July 20, 2015

Main image: The rivers that flow to the Bay, such as the Potomac River seen from an overlook at Great Falls Park, provide absolutely stunning water views. (Image courtesy: Chris Spielmann / National Park Service)
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