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Accessible History: Traveling to the Heart of Captain John Smith Country along the James (Driving Tour)


If you or someone in your traveling group uses a wheelchair or has other accessibility needs, this itinerary along the James River in Virginia will take you to several places where you can experience the Captain John Smith National Historic Trail in reasonable comfort. Each stop represents a part of the John Smith story and can be a destination in itself or combined with one or more of the other sites for multi-day experiences tailored to your time and interests.

This itinerary includes three areas of focus. Stop 1 and 2: the Jamestown area on the north side of the James River; Stop 3: Chippokes Plantation on the south side of the river; and Stop 4 and 5: the Henricus-Dutch Gap area roughly equidistant from both. This itinerary also works well in reverse, for those who want to start their trip in the Richmond-Chester area and travel south to sites on either side of the James.

Paula Degen

Paula Degen is an interpretive consultant for the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. She also serves on the National Park Service-Chesapeake accessibility team.

June 19, 2015

Main image: Colonial body armor at Jamestown Settlement (Image courtesy: Flickr)
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