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Skipjack Martha Lewis

Skipjack Martha Lewis

Martha Lewis is a V-bottom, two sail bateau (skipjack). She is one of the few remaining working dredge boats that make up the Chesapeake Bay oyster fleet -- the last to fish commercially, under sail, in the United States of America.

Built in 1955 by Bronza Parks in Wingate, MD, Martha Lewis was restored during the winter of 1994 under the direction of Shipbuilder, and master shipwright, Allen C. Rawl, in alliance with the City of Havre de Grace & Havre de Grace Maritime Museum.

A valuable "window of history", Martha Lewis is a glimpse of our unique Bay heritage, an instrument adeptly able to communicate a tradition that is vanishing before our eyes. We believe that Martha Lewis provides an alluring classroom for estuarine studies and environmental exploration.

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Image Credit: Skipjack Martha Lewis
Last updated: February 27, 2020