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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

After years of steam operations, the the nonprofit owned and operated Western Maryland Scenic Railroad has had to change their way of thinking. While still focusing on the restoration of 1309 and the eventual repairing of Mountain Thunder 734, WMSR has done some re-strategizing to keep money flowing in and the dream alive… 

With their 501 Diesel Engine being repainted into the Circus Colors, WMSR has been focusing their efforts on unique events along their historic rails. From Mountain Moonshine Tastings with Dinner to a Calm Narrated Tour through the Allegheny Mountains or a Christmas Storybook Experience, there is literally something for everyone. 

The schedule of specialty trains include Murder Mysteries, Mountain Moonshine Tastings, Craft Beer Trains, Allegany County Wines Train, Christmas City Express and more! 

In addition, General Excursions with Narration are running every weekend from now until mid November! 

Reviews rave of “great food,” that “everyone was friendly and the trip was really enjoyable,” and “would highly recommend it to everyone.” 

In regards to the progress of the restoration of 1309 & 734, the dream of steam is alive but, unfortunately, until money can be obtained for those purposes, WMSR is unable to invest it’s own profits without sacrificing its standard. 

Donations are being accepted by mail or online (13 Canal Street Cumberland, MD 21502 or and have been coming in. The money is in it’s own account at a local Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and most recently, because of the donations, WMSR was able able to pay for the restoration work to continue on the locomotive’s driving wheels in Tennessee.  And, even more recently, 1309 has passed its hydro test which means that work is being done again, and we are making even more progress!

As Executive Director of WMSR, John Garner is proud of his team and optimistic for the future of WMSR. This year in particular is a special year as it is WMSR’s 30th anniversary! 

“The Mountains of Allegany County are open year-round, and so is the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. See you on board!”

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Image Credit: Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
Last updated: April 04, 2019
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