Sassafras River Water Trail (image courtesy: Sultana Projects)

Sassafras River Water Trail

Over 20 miles long, the Sassafras River traces the shores of Maryland’s Cecil and Kent counties before reaching its confluence with the Chesapeake Bay between Howell Point and Grove Point.  The tributary begins near the town of Sassafras, where the heavily wooded corridor features shallow water and the average width is only around 20 feet.  After passing under the Route 301 Bridge, the river widens and the landscape transitions from woodland to farmland with a few residential communities interspersed along the way. 

The twin ports of Georgetown and Fredericktown dominate the scenery downriver of the Route 213 Bridge, with both communities serving as busy centers for recreational boating.  Between Turner’s Creek and the mouth of the Sassafras, dramatic cliffs line both sides of the river.  The forested cliffs provide ideal habitat for nesting bald eagles, and the birds can often be spotted soaring overhead. 

Despite its relatively small size, the Sassafras is a popular destination for powerboats, paddle craft, and workboats.  As such, it can be especially busy on weekends from May through October.  For paddlers seeking peace and quiet, the Sassafras offers numerous creeks whose shallow waters are accessible by only the smallest vessels.


Dawn to Dusk. 

(Note: Many places fill to capacity on busy, nice weather days, especially holiday weekends. Please call ahead or visit the official website to get the most up-to-date information before visiting.)




Safety is your responsibility.   However, if you choose to explore the Sassafras River, make sure you have the appropriate boating skills before setting out and always use good judgement.

Water Trail Map & Guide

View an interactive trail map to learn the locations of boat ramps and other access points.

Main image: Sassafras River Water Trail (image courtesy: Chris Cerino / Sultana Projects)
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