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Pride of Baltimore II

Pride of Baltimore II

Known by sight in ports around the world, Pride of Baltimore II has served as a symbol of entrepreneurial spirit, maritime prowess, and nautical craft for more than three decades (carrying on the tradition of her predecessor, the first Pride of Baltimore). “Baltimore-built” in the style of the city’s famous War of 1812 privateers, she is an iconic tall ship, representing Baltimore and Maryland with unmistakable flair and panache. She has visited over 200 ports in 40 countries and has traveled more than 275,000 nautical miles. Wherever the ship goes, she welcomes visitors. 

Experience Pride of Baltimore II! Day sails, guest crew adventures and free deck tours are offered spring through fall in Baltimore and beyond.

You can track Pride of Baltimore II on her local, national and international voyages by visiting the Pride website. Get the latest news from the ship via the Captain's Log and stay current on news and events by subscribing to Sail Mail.

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Image Credit: Patrick Smith / Pride of Baltimore II
Last updated: January 31, 2020
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