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Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area (Image courtesy Jennifer Stratton / BLM)

Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area

The beginning of the trails pulse with possibilities. This is an explorer’s paradise, where at any moment you may be surprised by the lively burble of a rain-fed creek, a fox crossing the path just around the next turn, or an unfamiliar birdcall beckoning you to follow. You may even return to a favorite pond, only to find it transformed by rippled reflections of autumn colors or silent winter snows. To bicycle these trails is to feel the changing rhythm of the land as it rises and dips beneath you. And a companionable journey on horseback will carry you past the varied colors and textures of bark and leaves, across gently sloping meadows, and to an “enchanted” pond where turtles come and go. With its many different trails, Meadowood is always ready to show you something new.

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Image Credit: Jennifer Stratton / BLM
Last updated: June 30, 2020
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