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Peter Turcik/Chesapeake Conservancy

Mallows Bay Park

Mallows Bay is situated south of Washington, D.C., along the tidal Lower Potomac River off the Nanjemoy Peninsula of Charles County, Maryland. This shallow embayment, and the waters immediately adjacent, boasts one of the largest assemblages of shipwrecks in the Western Hemisphere, known as the “Ghost Fleet” of Mallows Bay. This diverse collection of historic shipwrecks totals nearly 200 known vessels dating back to the Revolutionary War and World War I. In addition to the “Ghost Fleet,” archaeological artifacts discovered around Mallows Bay date back 12,000 years, indicating the presence of some of the region’s earliest American Indian cultures. 

Thriving populations of bald eagles, heron, beaver, river otter, deer, turtles and numerous aquatic species call this area home. Striped bass, white perch, channel catfish, blue crab, and others make this area particularly popular for recreational fishing. In fact, Mallows Bay is widely regarded as one of the best bass fishing areas in the country.

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Image Credit: Peter Turcik/Chesapeake Conservancy
Last updated: August 22, 2019
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