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Gunpowder Falls State Park

Gunpowder Falls State Park

Gunpowder Falls State Park protects the stream valleys of the Big and Little Gunpowder Falls and the Gunpowder River, a western shore tributary of the Chesapeake Bay. The long, narrow 18,000 acre park ranges from tidal marshes and wetlands near the Bay to steep, rugged slopes many miles upstream. The park consists of several areas:
The Hereford Area is the farthest north, near the MD/PA line

  • The 21 mile Northern Central Railroad Trail extends from Ashland to the state line
  • The Central Area extends from Baldwin to Days Cove along both river valleys and includes the historic village of Jerusalem
  • The Hammerman Area is near the confluence with the Chesapeake.

Over 100 miles of trails in the park give visitors the chance to experience a Bay tributary watershed from one end to the other. Since Gunpowder Falls State Park is so large, in order to get the most out of your visit be sure to obtain the appropriate maps, as they provide a lot of helpful information. Maps of specific park areas are available at park headquarters at Jerusalem Mill.

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Image Credit: NPS / Sarah Rogers
Last updated: February 13, 2020
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