Codorus State Park

Codorus State Park

Codorus State Park is covers 3,452 acres in the rolling hills of southern York County. Lake Marburg, which predominates the park, has 26 miles of shoreline and is a reststop for migrating waterfowl and shorebirds. The lake is also popular with sailboaters, motorboaters, and anglers. Anglers love the lake for warm water fishing and can also fish Codorus Creek for trout. Picnicking, swimming in the pool and camping are also popular activities. Note: Swimming in the lake is prohibited.

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Image Credit: Pennsylvania DCNR


When Europeans reached the land that became Codorus State Park, it was the territory of Susquehannock Indians, a powerful tribe that controlled much of the land near the Susquehanna River. Wars and the push of settlers led to the demise of the Susquehannocks.

The early settlers were German farmers, but industry soon followed.

Built in 1762, Mary Ann Furnace is believed to be the first charcoal furnace built on the western side of the Susquehanna River. The furnace supplied cannon balls and grapeshot for the continental army and employed Hessian prisoners to run the ironworks while many of the available workforce were off fighting the British. Nothing remains of the ironworks.


Last updated: April 27, 2022