Claude Moore Park

Claude Moore Park

Visit Claude Moore Park for birding, nature walks, even a picnic. Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy holds butterfly and dragonfly walks here each summer and maintain the bluebird nestbox trail.

Vestals Gap Road, a trail that runs through the park, was once a route used by Indians to go between Alexandria and the Shenandoah.

Be sure to visit the Frog Shackle while at Claude Moore Park. This special cabin holds a terrific collection of animal and plant specimens as well as hands-on activities for learning about and exploring nature. Muriel Spetzman, a long-time member of Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy, set up these collections. The park staff at Claude Moore offer a variety of environmental education programs and classes for families and children that are definitely worth checking out.

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Claude Moore Park is open dusk 'til dawn, daily.

The visitor center is open from 9 AM to 5 PM each day.

(Note: Many places fill to capacity on busy, nice weather days, especially holiday weekends. Please call ahead or visit the official website to get the most up-to-date information before visiting.)




Birding, nature walks, picnics.


Claude Moore is a haven for wildlife today only because individual citizens showed the initiative and dedication necessary to divert it from the path of high density development.  Dr. Claude Moore, who bought the farm in 1941, donated it to the National Wildlife Federation in 1975.  The farm appeared destined for development by 1986, following its sale by the Federation to developers and Dr. Moore’s unsuccessful efforts to sue to prevent the sale. 

A grass-roots, citizens’ movement by the farm’s neighbors in the Sterling area was critical in generating support in the county for rescuing the farm from development and purchasing it for parkland.  A successful bond referendum in 1987 provided the funds necessary to complete the purchase.  Citizen support for natural habitat was also an important factor in limiting the area of the park devoted to ball fields and other more intensive uses when the park opened on a full-time basis in 1995.


Last updated: April 27, 2022
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