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Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area

Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area

The Chickahominy Wildlife Management Area is the only Game Department management area in the coastal plain that consists mainly of woodlands and is managed primarily for upland wildlife rather than wetland species. This type of management, coupled with the area's location along a major tidal river and creek, gives this Charles City County area a variety of habitat types that is unique to the Department's Wildlife Management Area system. A sighting-in range located at the WMA provides hunters a place to hone their skills.

The management area gains its name from the Chickahominy River which forms the area's eastern boundary. To the south, Morris Creek flows through the area and then along its southern boundary. Other smaller tidal creeks and marshy guts cut into the forests to provide additional wetland diversity. The upland, though mainly wooded with mixed hardwood and pine stands, also features cultivated, mowed and "old field" openings. The area's 5,217 acres are contiguous although there are some interior, private properties. Nearly level, elevations range from about 25 to 50 feet.

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Image Credit: Dave Harp / Bay Journal
Last updated: February 03, 2020
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