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Chickahominy Riverfront Park

Chickahominy Riverfront Park

This 140 acre park sits on the Chickahominy River near its confluence with the James River, a major tributary of the Chesapaeake Bay. The park provides a range of opportunities for recreation in a riverfront surrounding, including overnight camping, boating and fishing. Dramatic river vistas and the rural character of the area help set Chickahominy Riverfront park apart from many similarly sized local or county parks.

The park shoreline is edged with bald cypress trees and the river's abundant fish, birds, and other wildlife, draw thousands of hunters, fishermen, paddlers and other nature enthusiasts each year. The middle and lower sections of the Chickahominy are well-known to bass fishermen and duck hunters. For these groups and others, the park is a popular access point. Beyond the park, osprey and bald eagles nest along the shores and rookeries of egrets and great blue herons are found in the nearby swamps.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of: Chickahominy Riverfront Park
Last updated: February 03, 2020
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