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Calvert Cliffs State Park

Calvert Cliffs State Park

Calvert Cliffs State Park is a day-use park featuring a sandy beach, unique fossils, recycled tire playground, a freshwater and tidal marshland and 13 miles of hiking trails located in Calvert County.

The massive cliffs from which Calvert Cliffs State Park was named dominate the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay for roughly 24 miles in Calvert County and were formed over 10 to 20 million years ago when all of Southern Maryland was covered by a warm, shallow sea. When the sea receded the cliffs were exposed and began eroding.

Today these cliffs reveal the remains of prehistoric species Including sharks, whales, rays, and seabirds that were the size of small airplanes.

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The Chesapeake Bay Watershed includes both mountains and beaches, forests and wetlands. Part of this national park and scenic trail winds through the mountains of West Virginia. You’ll find it a great place to break in your hiking boots. But don’t stop there. The trail actually extends beyond the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Follow it all the way from Georgia to Maine. That’s 2,180 miles!

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Image Credit: Maryland DNR / Stephen Schatz
Last updated: June 15, 2020
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