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Battle Acre Park

Battle Acre Park

Battle Acre Park is a 1-acre site dedicated in 1839 to commemorate those who fought in the Battle of North Point on September 12, 1814.  Regiments of the Maryland militia engaged in battles with the British Army at the same time Fort McHenry was defending the Baltimore harbor from the British Navy.  The success of the Maryland militia forced the British to withdraw from the Chesapeake Region for the remainder of the War of 1812.

On September 14, 1914, 100 years after the battle, the National Star Spangled Banner Commission erected a monument topped with a memorial cannon, honoring those who fought in the Battle of North Point.

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The Battle of North Point, which occurred here on September 12, 1814, began the British attack on Baltimore during the War of 1812. A fleet of British ships brought about 5,000 troops, led by Maj. Gen. Robert Ross, to the North Point peninsula. They met American Brig. Gen. John Stricker and 3,000 Maryland militiamen eight miles north at Godly Wood on Patapsco Neck. The Americans faced musket and artillery fire for nearly an hour before moving back toward the main lines near the city. The British held the battlefield but suffered heavy casualties. Ross was mortally wounded. The next day, British troops resumed the march toward Baltimore, and the British navy began bombarding Fort McHenry.

Battle Acre Park was dedicated in 1839 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the battle.

On the 100th anniversary on September 14, 1914, the National Star-Spangled Banner Commission erected a monument topped with a memorial cannon to honor those who fought.


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